Ani is stripped of his wings and forced down to earth, where he searches for a way to break his mortal curse. Then one day a human girl steals his heart. But love is fleeting, and he wakes one morning to find her murdered.

Unable to get his revenge, he travels through time and space to seek her out again, each time her death falling on the heels of their reunion.

Is his love damned, or is he doomed?

A small, rare gem.


Ambroziak describes this karmic trip with prose that is at once philosophical and poetic.

Greg Stone

The definition of beautiful writing; it is poetic and lyrical, profoundly moving, and will haunt you for a long time to come.

Lynda Dickson – Books Direct

Left me breathless at the end as I sat back trying to absorb it all.

L.F. Falconer

I was taken in from the first paragraph to the last. A great read.

William Bitner

Haunted me for days after I read it. The storyline is unusual and the writing is excellent.

Readers’ Favorite

Five stars are not enough from the moment I picked up this book it was hard to put it down.

James Ewers

It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of prose I’ve ever read.

Stephen Kozeniewski

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Onine is the only Kyprian who knows his species’ ultimate truth, and he fears for El. From the moment he sees her, a slave at the Bathing Temple, he wants to save her. But the only way for him to do so is to give up his beauty, forego his fire, and become clay like her. An easy task if it were as simple as him changing his form. Unfortunately, she is the one who must be transformed and become Kyprian like him.

A melody of words, singing off the page … intellectually and poetically written, and a most fantastical piece of metamorphic fantasy … another fabulous read from a brilliant author.

William Bitner

Ambroziak’s writing style is hauntingly smooth, melodic, and slightly sensual … this is a story which, once read, will ingrain itself into the memory and might leave you questioning the validity of your core beliefs.

L. F. Falconer

A rare excellent read … I predict it is going to be a huge hit with fans of the genre.

Readers’ Favorite

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